Joy Redman, MS, LCGC, MBA joins Metis Genetics as our newest Trusted Advisor!

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Metis Genetics is thrilled to welcome Joy Redman, MS, LCGC, MBA as our newest Trusted Advisor. Please read on to learn more about Joy’s background and the expertise that she will offer our clients and partners.

Joy Redman is a licensed genetic counselor with over 30 years of experience in clinical and laboratory genetics and genetic counseling. She worked as a prenatal genetic counselor at Baylor College of Medicine and at the Laboratories for Genetics Services, where she provided counseling for high risk pregnant patients and helped to develop satellite clinics. Since joining Quest Diagnostics in 2001, she has had a continued focus on molecular genetics and the translation of that information between the laboratory and clinician, to help ensure appropriate patient care. She provides consultation and guidance on appropriate test ordering to healthcare providers. In addition, she provides education to the lay public, commercial teams, and healthcare providers regarding Quest’s genetic test offerings. During her tenure at Quest, she has served as co-manager of the genetic counselor organization and helped to triple the size of the team. She currently serves as a Senior Manager on Quest’s Genomic Services team.

Metis is excited to take advantage of Joy’s expertise in genetic counseling for one of the nation’s oldest and largest genetic testing laboratories. She has a wide breadth of experience with the use of molecular genetic testing in practice and has thus worked with healthcare providers, patients, and insurance organizations to help them navigate appropriate testing.

Joy is well-published in peer-reviewed journals and has participated in research and publications related to cystic fibrosis, Ashkenazi Jewish genetic carrier screening, myotonic dystrophy, Usher syndrome and congenital adrenal hyperplasia, among other genetic conditions and issues related to genetic testing. Metis looks forward to utilizing Joy’s guidance as we continue to publish data and case studies regarding new genetic counseling service delivery models.

Joy has vast experience growing and developing genetic counselor organizations, including providing mentorship and career development advisement to genetic counselors. As the genetic counseling industry continues to evolve and the needs of patients and clinicians progress, it is particularly important for Metis Genetics genetic counselors to access the leadership and guidance of a seasoned professional as they chart a future-looking career path.

It is with great pleasure that Metis Genetics announces Joy Redman as our newest Trusted Advisor. We welcome Joy to the team, and know that our clients will benefit from the expertise of this leader with a longstanding track record of success in the field of genetic counseling.