Looking to make a difference?

 These are exciting times here at Metis.  We're always on the lookout for those who stand out to join our team.  

At Metis, we are committed to growing our company with people who have both exceptional skills and a passion for helping others.  

  • The services provided by Metis, first and foremost, assist patients and their providers in making healthcare decisions.  We treat that responsibility with the utmost of care and respect. 

  • Our services are a combined effort between internal team members and external collaborations with our partners.   Our commitment to our partners is achieved by hiring individuals who deliver outstanding results in their unique responsibilities.

  • At Metis, we want our employees to feel proud of the work they do each day and the potential to further excel tomorrow both personally and professionally.   

  • Metis provides an environment where your ideas and efforts are recognized and valued.   We encourage creative thinking and expect strong initiative. 

We continually look for candidates who exemplify the highest standards of service, skill, and knowledge.

Currently, we are looking for the position(s) listed below.  Please click the link to read more about the actual position.

To apply, please include a cover letter and resume or curriculum vitae to support@metisgenetics.com

We welcome your interest!