Prenatal Genetic Counseling Services


As prenatal genetic testing becomes the standard of care, genetic counseling is required more often than not. 

However, genetic counseling is time intensive and resources are limited. Metis' customizable Prenatal Genetic Counseling Services relieve the genetic counseling burden our partners face.


Metis' Prenatal Genetic Counseling Services include: 

- Informative videos that educate the patient and answer common questions about frequently ordered genetic tests including carrier screening and non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT). 

- Board-certified genetic counselors provide positive results reporting and private consultations using Metis' HIPAA-compliant software.

- Partners have access to our expert genetic counseling team for specific questions about test results.


Our goal is to support our partner's genetic counseling needs so they have the time and resources to focus on being the experts in the services they provide.


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