Pediatric Neurology/Developmental Pediatric Genetic Counseling Services


At Metis, we understand that providing counseling support for your pediatric patients is a logistical challenge that is often inconvenient for the patient and their Family.  

As a Metis partner, you gain peace of mind knowing your patients are receiving the support they need. Your patients and their families have access to convenient, expert genetic counseling in the comfort of their own home. With Metis, you have more time to devote to other aspects of their care.


Metis' Pediatric genetic counseling Services include:

- Online genetic counseling consultations for families, facilitated by our proprietary telegenetic platform, that allow family members to be in different locations but still join the same consultation.

- Test report interpretation and explanation of test result implications.

- Communication of recommended next steps appropriate for each individual patient and their family.

- Additional services are available based on your requirements.


All genetic counseling is completed by METIS Genetic counselors board-certified by the American Board of genetic counseling. 


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