Metis Process

In partnership with your doctor, Metis Genetics provides genetic counseling services to you through our web-based platform.


What can genetic counseling do for me?  Genetic counselors are professional experts who assist in providing education about genetic tests and help you make informed healthcare decisions that are right for you and your family.  Genetic counselors also explain your test results and help you consider all the options, before and after testing, that are available to you.


When and where do I meet my genetic counselor?  You choose the time and place. Genetic counseling is important, but you have a busy schedule.   Another visit to the doctor’s office probably isn’t ideal.  To make genetic counseling more efficient and accessible, Metis uses a web-based platform.   An online scheduler allows you to make an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you.  Just like a visit at your doctor’s office, you can meet with your genetic counselor “face to face” using Metis’ technology.  You can be in any location as long as you have the ability to access the internet.  Your personal genetic counselor will organize the information and test results specific for your appointment.


How do I start?  It’s simple! You can view the online calendar and make an appointment that’s convenient for you.  To start the genetic counseling process as recommended by your doctor, please click here.


What happens next?  We will send you a confirmation email when you book the appointment and an email reminder before your appointment.  The email includes instructions on how to meet with your counselor at your appointment time.  


We look forward to meeting with you!  If you have any questions about the Metis process, please contact us at