Hereditary Cancer Genetic Counseling Services


Genetic testing for hereditary cancer is complex and genetic test results are not always definitive.  

Our knowledge of hereditary cancer genetics is advancing at an exponential rate.  This fast pace makes it difficult to ensure patients receive the most up-to-date and credible information.  Furthermore, hereditary cancer genetic counseling often involves obtaining extensive patient and family medical history, which can be a constraint for the appropriate utilization of genetic testing.  


METIS' hereditary Cancer genetic counseling SERVICES INCLUDE: 

- Risk assessment and recommendations for appropriate screening and management of cancer risk based upon patient and family medical history

- Genetic counseling consultations with experienced cancer Genetic Counselors at the convenience of the patient

- Report interpretation by board-certified Genetic Counselors and explanation of meaning to patient and family members as appropriate


Metis' Hereditary Cancer genetic counseling Services help people make informed decisions about genetic testing and follow-up care.


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