Karina Seidl Nall, MS, LCGC


Joined Metis: July 2016
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Passions: In my off time, I enjoy hiking and travel. I also enjoy trying out new recipes with my husband and will never say no to brunch.

Favorite Specialty: Prenatal Counseling

What influenced your decision to become a genetic counselor?

I’ve been fascinated by genetics since an elementary school homework assignment to record the physical traits of our family members. My high school biology teacher suggested genetic counseling as a possible career path during my senior year of high school.  I was hooked the moment I learned about the profession!

Three pieces of advice I would give to students interested in becoming a genetic counselor: 

1. Talk to genetic counselors in a range of fields to get a representation for the diverse roles the profession has to offer.

2. Recommend counseling experience even on a volunteer basis to develop the skills to learn to walk in another’s shoes.

3. Cultivate your thirst for knowledge.


I have worked as a prenatal counselor for over ten years. My clinical experience also includes hereditary cancer risk assessment, and I currently enjoy counseling patients in both oncology and reproductive genetics.

Most recent interesting case:

I am always amazed at the rapid rate at which the genetics field is evolving, whether the incorporation of new technology or the increasing application of genetics into the clinical field. One of my most memorable moments was guiding a family through the counseling process and appropriate genetic testing utilizing an emerging technology which ultimately identified multiple affected family members who benefited from coordination of care.

Karina likes to take Metis on the move with her. Technology allows today's counselors more flexibility. Sedona is a great place to enjoy and reflect.

When was the first time a patient's feedback or response caught you by surprise?

I have learned that all individuals perceive risk differently and as counselors should always be mindful of our own bias regarding risk perception. I was surprised by a reaction from a patient regarding a 1:4 reproductive risk of a genetic diagnosis. She expressed her annoyance as a 75% chance of an unaffected pregnancy from her perspective did not constitute an “increased risk”.

What do you enjoy about working at Metis?

I enjoy that every day as a genetic counselor brings a new challenge, a new opportunity. No two days and no two cases are the same.

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