Jamie Armour, MS, LCGC


Joined Metis: July 2015
Hometown: Marquette, MI
Passions: Traveling and Family

Favorite Specialty: Prenatal Counseling

Tell us about the day or moment you knew you wanted to be in the genetics industry?

While Punnett squares in 5th grade and a guest speaker in forensic genetics reeled me in, it was not until I spent time with families of children with autism and Pompe disease as a clinical research coordinator that I felt confident I wanted to pursue becoming a genetic counselor.

Demand for genetic counselors is great but so is the competition for program acceptance. What three pieces of advice can you provide to students interested in becoming a genetic counselor?

1. Do something out of the ordinary, not just what is required of you! This shows you are serious about dedicating your career choice to genetic counseling.

2. Immerse yourself among experienced genetic counselors; shadow them and attend functions they attend.

3. Get to know the different patient populations genetic counselors work with by volunteering with patient advocacy groups.

Tell us about a highlight moment?

Being there for a woman who opened up to me about having a difficult time with a pregnancy loss, allowing her time to grieve and share her story, without me pushing my agenda.

What do you enjoy most about being a Metis Maven?

The culture of hardworking, supportive individuals at Metis inspires me.

Tell us about a few or your personal interests?

I enjoy sharing my passion for ballet with the youth in the remote community I live in as well as supporting the local organized running events.

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