Joy Redman, MS, MBA, LCGC

Joy Redman, MS, LCGC, MBA is a licensed genetic counselor with over 30 years of experience in clinical and laboratory genetics and genetic counseling.


Jamie Armour, MS, LCGC

Jamie sets the bar high as one of the original Metis Mavens.


Sonja Higgins, MS, LCGC

Sonja brings tremendous experience and expertise in both counseling and as a former Assistant Director of the Genetic Counseling Program at UNC.


Karina Seidl Nall, MS, LCGC

As a strong member of the genetic counseling team at Metis, Karina brings multiple years of expertise to our customers and their patients.


Edye Conway, MS, LCGC

From genetic counseling to beekeeping, Edye’s commitment to doing her best always shows!