Metis relieves the burden of finding and managing the genetic counseling support you and your patients need. 

We provide a custom yet affordable web-based solution for expert genetic counseling that allows our partners to focus on their core business and gives patients convenient access to genetic counseling.  Metis can work in tandem with your current genetic counseling program to enhance the services you already offer, or we can develop a complete solution tailored to meet your specific needs .  

Metis enables our laboratory to offer accessible genetic counseling expertise without the time and cost associated with developing and managing an in-house genetic counseling program.
— Laboratory Medical Director and Metis Partner



Metis Genetics is focused on enhancing the value of genetic testing by improving access to genetic counseling, creatively.



Our Vision

To be everyone’s trusted guide to their genetic information and its impact on their health.


Metis Provides

  • Genetic Counseling services to patients through a HIPAA-compliant telegenetic platform

  • Network of board-certified genetic counselors

  • Day and evening counseling consultations available six days per week

  • Online access to educational resources and videos for patient's convenience

  • Support for high-volume genetic tests including:

    • Prenatal carrier screening

    • Non-invasive Prenatal Testing

    • Pediatric Genetics

    • Reproductive Medicine

    • Hereditary Cancer

  • Translation services available for 200+ languages


Our Process for Genetic Counseling Consultations


Patient Referral page on the Metis Portal

Patient Referral page on the Metis Portal

Step One: referral and Patient communication

As a Metis Partner, you make an online referral for the patient on the Metis Portal.  We communicate directly with the patient to explain our role so they understand how we work in collaboration with you to ensure they understand the implications of their genetic tests.






Watch the introduction of a Metis informational video.

Step two: TEst Education and online scheduling 

The patient logs in to the Metis Portal with credentials provided during the referral process.  On the patient's home page, the patient has access to test-specific materials and videos to help ease the educational burden on you and to provide consistent information to each patient.  If appropriate, patients can use the online scheduler to make a genetic counseling consultation.  At any time, patients can access their home page to print materials or watch the videos again with family members.  


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Step Three: Expert Genetic Counseling and Recommended Next steps 

Once test results have been returned, the patient attends their genetic counseling consultation via the Metis Portal or by telephone, according to the patient's preference.  Within 48 hours of a completed consultation, we send you a comprehensive genetic counseling report that summarizes the information discussed with the patient and any recommended next steps.  Patients continue to have access to all resources and can contact us at their convenience with any additional questions.


additional services


Are you interested in genetic counseling support, but you aren't sure exactly what type of service you need?   

No worries!  We can help with that too!  Our Genetic Counselors have experience in every area of the industry so we can provide suggestions to meet your specific needs.  We work with you to identify and tailor our capabilities to create a solution that works best for you.  


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